What is the penalty for expired car insurance?

Is it possible to drive with expired insurance and what could be the fine?

If you carefully study the frequency of updating the Code of Administrative Offenses, you can conclude that this phenomenon occurs quite often. On October 15, 2014, changes were made to the Code of Administrative Offenses that relate to driving a vehicle with expired insurance.

Due to the increase in prices for compulsory motor liability insurance policies, as well as taking into account Federal Law No. 40, which obliges citizens to purchase compulsory motor liability insurance, citizens began to evade this obligation in every possible way, trying to keep their money safe and sound. However, refusal to comply with state requirements may not turn out well for you.

What it is?

Expired insurance is a MTPL policy whose validity period has expired . It doesn’t matter whether it expired a couple of days ago or a year ago. The main thing is that in the event of a traffic accident that requires compensation for the costs of paying off your damage from the insurance company, the policy issued to you will be valid until its expiration date.

It turns out that a citizen, moving along the roads with such a document, directly violates the requirements of the law, namely Federal Law No. 40, which requires citizens to have an insurance document that is valid.

What is the punishment?

If the insurance runs out, what is the penalty? Driving a car with an expired insurance form today will cost citizens very little . But this does not mean that you can freely continue to move in this way in the future. What to do if your insurance is expired and what the fine may be? Legislation undergoes changes every day and it is likely that in the near future the fine will increase in size several times.

Also, traffic police officers can help you if you encounter the following situations:

  1. Your MTPL policy was forgotten at home. At the same time, you assure the patrol officers that it was not expired. In this situation, the police officer issues you a minimum fine for non-renewal of insurance in the amount of 500 rubles. The Code of Administrative Offenses talks about this in Article 12.37 of Part One.
  2. The second condition, which will also allow you to get away with a small monetary penalty, is due to the fact that you are driving a vehicle that is owned by your relative or friend, who has an insurance policy, but you are not listed in it. In this case, the fine will also be 500 rubles (read more about what size of the fine is provided if the driver of the vehicle is not included in the compulsory motor liability insurance insurance here, and from this article you will learn about what punishment you can get for driving without insurance in someone else’s car ).

But if there is a truly expired document, then you should turn directly to the Code of Administrative Offenses. Punitive liability is regulated by the same Code of Administrative Offenses, namely Articles 12.3 and 12.7.

Article 12.7 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. Driving a vehicle by a driver who does not have the right to drive a vehicle

  • Driving a vehicle by a driver who does not have the right to drive a vehicle (except for instructional driving) entails the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of five thousand to fifteen thousand rubles.
  • Driving a vehicle by a driver deprived of the right to drive vehicles entails an administrative fine in the amount of thirty thousand rubles, or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days, or compulsory labor for a period of one hundred to two hundred hours.
  • Transferring control of a vehicle to a person who obviously does not have the right to drive a vehicle (except for training driving) or who has been deprived of such a right shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of thirty thousand rubles.

Part 2 of Article 12.37 of the Code of Administrative Offenses provides for sanctions for driving with an expired insurance policy in the form of compulsory motor liability insurance . The text of the article states that the owner’s refusal to comply with the requirements of the Federal Law will result in administrative penalties in the form of an administrative fine, the amount of which will be 800 rubles.

In fact, this amount was not established by chance. If you remember, driving without an insurance policy in the Code is also punishable by an administrative fine in the amount of 800 rubles. That is, expired insurance is equivalent to its absence. That is why the fine amount is similar to avoid confusion.

At the same time, citizens do not need to fear that license plates will be removed from the car, and the vehicle itself will be sent to a waiting impound lot. The Administrative Code does not provide for such measures for driving with an expired car insurance document.

If you are involved in an accident

It’s no secret that for drivers, the insurance procedure is no longer a voluntary matter . Federal Law No. 40, which was published in 2012 and was entirely devoted to the issues of compulsory motor liability insurance, prohibited citizens in principle from driving a car without insurance.

The mere fact of having an insurance policy in the MTPL form is a mandatory requirement, and its absence may result in administrative liability. Since 2015, the legislation of the Russian Federation has insisted on the issuance of insurance policies on a mandatory basis.

In a situation where an inspector stops a vehicle whose driver is unable to provide him with a valid insurance policy in the MTPL form for inspection, the citizen will be forced to pay an administrative fine, since his actions fall under the jurisdiction of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

But what to do if an accident occurs? First of all, it will be necessary to take into account which of the participants in the accident was to blame for the crime. If the driver who was at fault did not have an insurance document with him, he will bear heavy liability . If there is no insurer who can cover the damage or part of it, then the perpetrator will have to pay the entire amount to the victim out of his own pocket.

If the injured citizen also does not have a policy in the form of compulsory motor liability insurance or it is expired, but the fault of the other person is proven entirely, then the injured person will only have to pay a fine for lack of insurance. But in this case, the vehicle will be repaired entirely at the expense of the culprit.

Policy for legal entities

Insurance is necessary not only for individuals, but also for legal entities . Without an insurance policy, citizens who have registered a legal entity cannot go onto the road and send their corporate vehicles there. The limits that were set by the state in this regard are quite modest, but you need to know them in order to be able to pay the fine.

Legal entities also undertake to take out a policy in the MTPL form for each of their corporate vehicles. And then, a document such as voluntary civil liability insurance is concluded. In order to calculate the cost of such a policy, you need to contact the insurance company whose offer interests you the most.

Do I need to purchase a new document?

In fact, insurance in the form of compulsory motor liability insurance is not cheap . Therefore, citizens who take out insurance in this way more than once look for ways to circumvent the requirements of the law.

For example, they do not want to purchase documents immediately after the expiration of the existing policy. That is why it is worth talking in more detail about how long you can drive if your car insurance has expired, and what are the chances of such drivers avoiding punishment?

Having expired insurance is a violation in itself. Therefore, it absolutely does not matter how long the policy is overdue: one day or one year. In any case, the penalty for an expired policy will be the same.

Validity period of OSAGO

Each insurance company offers clients not only individual insurance conditions, but also its validity period . After all, some may be satisfied with a very short period of time, sometimes not even six calendar months, while others, on the contrary, are interested in long-term cooperation.

In a number of situations, agreements between the parties are allowed that provide for the issuance of a compulsory motor liability insurance policy for a longer period. For example, this applies to corporate clients who purchase MTPL insurance for several cars at once and for several years in advance.

Watch the video about the validity period of the MTPL policy:

How to renew?

If your MTPL policy has expired, you can renew such a contract by going to the office of the insurance company. To do this, you need to deposit funds again, as well as provide the necessary package of documents. Today, it is possible to renew your MTPL policy through online services .

Therefore, you can easily go to the insurer’s website, where you will receive an e-MTPL policy electronically for a new term. But it is impossible to renew via the Internet if you do not have a registered personal account on the resource. Be sure to complete it, and then complete the registration following the instructions on the site.

In some cases, issuing a policy online is cheaper than visiting a company branch.

Is it possible to avoid wasting money?

The only correct answer to this question implies that you can avoid wasting money if you promptly reissue expired documents with new ones . Also, if your insurance policy expired just a couple of days ago, then the traffic police officer may be in your position, deciding that you simply did not have time to appear at the insurance company.

But if the period of delay exceeds one calendar month, then you are unlikely to be able to avoid punishment in the form of a fine. Be that as it may, if you want a loyal attitude from traffic police officers, you must also follow the letter of the law and not break it.

It often happens that a citizen does not have time to issue a new insurance policy to replace the expired one through no fault of his own. This is all due to health conditions, long business trips, restoration of lost documents, and so on, and not a banal desire to save money.

If you really have good reasons that allow you to turn the situation in your favor, then it would be a sin not to use them. True, it is unlikely that a traffic police officer will take your word for it. Even if you are issued a fine for driving with expired insurance, you can appear at the state inspection office with a written statement of good cause and attached evidence.

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Upon consideration of your appeal and if the evidence turns out to be truly compelling, the penalty against you may be cancelled. However, you will have to urgently take out an insurance policy for your car.


Treat yourself with respect and don't expose yourself to paying late fees. Include the annual change of insurance policy in the obligatory expenses that must be made within the prescribed period. Also, keep a close eye on how quickly your insurance policy expires. Only your attentiveness, commitment and punctuality will allow you to avoid punishment.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl+Enter .

Fine for driving without insurance in 2019-2020 – new MTPL rules are being discussed in the State Duma

The State Duma of the Russian Federation again raised the issue of increasing the fine for the absence of an MTPL policy. This measure is forced - without it, further adequate development of the road accident insurance system is impossible.

Latest news - the fine for driving without insurance may increase in 2020. The new law may be adopted before the end of the autumn session of the lower house of parliament.

Why do they want to increase the fine?

Today, the cost of an MTPL policy consists of a certain number of factors, such as:

  • type of vehicle;
  • region of registration of the owner;
  • number of years of accident-free driving;
  • driver's experience and age;
  • car power (in hp);
  • number of permitted drivers.

Insurance for an indefinite group of people will cost more, but it allows you to drive someone else’s car without the owner. But even the cheapest MTPL policy options cost from 3,000 rubles and more.

For a long time, thrifty drivers had the opportunity to slightly reduce the cost of insurance due to the absence of a coefficient for participation in an accident during the previous year. Each insurance company had its own base. Therefore, it was enough to change the insurance company so that the increasing coefficients would not apply. Today the database is unified, so it is simply impossible to hide the presence of accidents throughout the year.

Then economical drivers took a different route. In order to avoid paying traffic police fines for driving a car without a compulsory motor liability insurance policy, drivers began buying fake policies en masse only to present them to a traffic police officer when necessary. In the event of an accident, such a policy will, of course, have no benefit. Demand creates supply - there are a lot of opportunities on the Internet to buy a compulsory motor liability insurance policy “without coverage”. This piece of paper is suitable for a traffic police officer. However, it causes a lot of problems for those involved in road accidents. It is impossible to obtain any compensation under such a policy. It is these counterfeits that the new fine for driving without an MTPL policy in 2020 for individuals must fight against.

The presence of valid MTPL policies for all road users will allow the insurance industry to develop in this area. For example, now in the event of an accident you can not call the traffic police, but draw up a European protocol. The amount of compensation reaches 400,000 rubles. In some cities, it is already possible to file an accident via a smartphone if the appropriate application is installed and there is registration on the government services portal. All this significantly saves time for those involved in an accident. However, the new rules do not make sense if one of the drivers does not have real insurance.

If the person at fault for an accident suddenly finds himself without insurance for the car, then the damage caused will have to be recovered personally from the driver in court. The main difficulty is that in the event of an accident, the other driver cannot immediately determine whether the culprit has a fake policy or not. It is in order to protect honest drivers and make the procedure for processing documents in the event of an accident simple and fast, in 2020 they want to increase the fine for driving without compulsory motor liability insurance (MTPL) insurance several times.

OSAGO reform in 2020

We will tell you what the fine for driving without insurance is in 2019, and what may change in 2020.

Today the fine is only 800 rubles. This is at least 4 times less than the cost of the cheapest policy. No other measures are provided. Until 2014, drivers without car insurance were prohibited from driving. The car was sent to the impound lot. It was possible to return the vehicle only after purchasing an MTPL policy. There are no such strict measures now. Driving without insurance in 2019-2020 is punishable under Article 12.37 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, which only provides for the payment of a fine.

Legislators believed that increasing the fine would have an effective impact on the fight against driving without insurance. New rules may be adopted in 2019-2020. A fine of 5,000 rubles is being actively discussed in the State Duma. On November 18, 2019, changes to the law on compulsory motor liability insurance will be considered. We should also pay attention to amendments to Article 12.37 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. If the issue of increasing the fine is put on the agenda, then most likely it will be increased as of January 1, 2020.

Why is it necessary to increase the fine? Legislators considered that if the size of the fine was commensurate with the cost of the new policy, then drivers would not be tempted to purchase counterfeits and take risks. It will be more profitable for them to immediately buy real insurance.

At the same time, they will improve ways to identify drivers without insurance. The car number will be recorded by the camera. Will check it against the database. If insurance is not purchased for the vehicle, the car owner will receive a fine. Therefore, a fake policy will not help in this case. During the day, the camera will be able to record the same car several times. What does this mean for the driver? Payment of a fine, the amount of which may be several times greater than the cost of the policy. This method should help:

  • draw up European protocols in the event of an accident without fraudulent actions by one of the parties (there is no real policy);
  • register an accident through the application;
  • Always receive compensation from the insurance company, and not collect a sum of money through the court from the person responsible for the accident.

What exactly will be the fine for driving a vehicle without insurance so that it brings the desired result will be decided by the State Duma in the near future.

Fine for expired insurance 2019

Welcome to . Today we’ll talk about the fine for expired compulsory motor vehicle insurance. Updates to the Code of Administrative Offenses are becoming more frequent, and most motorists simply do not have time to remember all the new laws. Changes regarding expired insurance came into force in 2014, and the penalties are not as severe as they were before the latest changes.

But most drivers still ask what the fine is for expired insurance in 2019, whether penalties have been added and whether it is possible to drive without insurance, as well as how long you can drive with an expired policy.

Why are there more and more expired insurance policies?

To begin with, it is worth understanding that one of the reasons not to renew the MTPL policy was a small feature when issuing these policies. Of course, the main reasons for not renewing policies are:

  • Simple forgetfulness;
  • Deliberate non-renewal.

But at the moment there is another important reason - long queues at insurance companies for registration. Although judging by the number of companies, there should not be a shortage.

And in fact, a few years ago a driver could stand in line for only a few hours. Now companies have made preliminary appointments, due to which the car owner can wait several weeks for his turn. In addition, there are drivers who do not renew their policy because of the services that they have to purchase additionally.

Is there a concept of “expired insurance” today?

Every driver must know that there is no such thing as “expired insurance” anymore. Naturally, it is quite convenient to use it as a fact about the expiration of the policy term, but it no longer has legal force.

This term was removed from the law back in 2009; until that moment, the driver was allowed to drive with an expired policy for another month, and there was no punishment for this. Drivers really liked this rule. This time was given to the car enthusiast to think about the importance of renewing the policy and the need for this action. Despite the fact that the policy was already considered expired, traffic police officers did not have the right to issue fines for it.

But this was before the concept of expired insurance was abolished; now employees have such a right, since the government came to the conclusion that such things are not worth considering, and renewal should occur during the validity period of the old policy.

So the term “expired policy” still exists and is used even among traffic police officers, but it means something completely different, that is, the policy has expired and a fine will be issued on the first day of delay. But let’s still figure out what the fine is for expired insurance in Russia?

Fines for expired insurance in 2019

In 2019, driving with expired insurance costs very little, only 800 rubles. But this amount cannot be compared with the amount of damages that will be paid in case of an accident. There are different situations for which a fine is issued:

  • The driver left the unexpired policy at home, then a minimal fine will be issued, only 500 rubles. But the driver will have to prove to the traffic police officer that he still has the policy.
  • A relative or friend who is not included in the OSAGO policy is driving, then a fine of 500 rubles will be issued, even if the driver did not violate the rules.
  • If you have insurance, but it is expired, the fine will be 800 rubles.

There was an accident and the insurance was expired

The most unpleasant thing is getting into an accident, and the insurance is expired. A fine of 800 rubles will be issued in any case, it does not depend on whether the driver is guilty or not. But there are other twists in this event.

If the culprit is a person with expired insurance, then the damage will have to be compensated to him, but the lack of insurance will be indicated in the protocol and certificate of the accident. The injured party will be required to conduct an independent assessment and estimate the damages. The person responsible for the accident will be invited to the examination. A telegram will be sent to him, and the fact of sending will be recorded. Such recording will not make it possible to carry out a procedure for challenging the assessment in the judicial authorities. As a result, the guilty party will in any case compensate for everything without trial.

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You already know how much the fine for expired car insurance in 2019 is, and that you will have to pay it. But in case of an accident without insurance, you will also need to take a receipt from the victim, which will indicate that the amount of damage has been compensated in full and there are no more claims.

If a driver with expired insurance becomes a victim in an accident, then the amount of damage will be paid to him by the insurance company responsible for the accident, but a fine will still be issued.

Can they remove license plates or send a car to a parking lot for late OSAGO?

In addition to fines, another punishment worth mentioning is the removal of license plates, which prevents the driver from using the car in the future. But Article 27.13 was removed from the Administrative Code.

It was in this article that it was said that the traffic police officer had the right to remove the registration number from the car of the violator, who has unextended insurance or the driver is not included in it. The numbers were given back to the owner after this violation was eliminated.

But at the moment, by law, any car owner has the opportunity to make duplicate license plates, so this measure has ceased to be useful and has been cancelled.

Therefore, it has now become much more profitable for motorists to drive without a policy, since the fine for an expired document is much lower than issuing a compulsory motor liability insurance policy. Moreover, car owners have to pay not only for the policy, but also for additional services that insurers impose on the driver.

Another question that interests motorists is whether traffic police officers have the right to take the car to a specialized parking lot. In 2019, such punishment as towing a car for lack of an insurance policy no longer applies. The driver will only be issued a fine of 800 rubles.

You should also know that if the fine is paid within 20 days from the date of violation, then he will be offered a 50% discount on payment, and the payment will no longer be 800 rubles, but 400 rubles.

What are the subsequent penalties for driving without insurance?

Many motorists know how long you can drive with expired insurance, and that it must be renewed during the validity period of the old policy. And in the case of punishment and a fine, they believe that the driver cannot receive two punishments for one offense.

But before asserting, you should carefully study the interpretation of modern legislation. The law states that a driver cannot be punished repeatedly for the same violation. But this does not mean that he can receive only one fine in one day.

It turns out that if the car owner was punished for expired insurance, and while driving another traffic violation was committed, he will be punished again. For lack of insurance, the driver can be punished every time he is stopped by the traffic police. And this action is carried out according to the law, in article 19.2 paragraph 2 of the traffic rules. It states that driving a car without an insurance policy is strictly prohibited.

As a result, it turns out that purchasing a policy becomes cheaper than paying a fine for each stop. But in truth, with our prices in Russia for compulsory motor liability insurance, it makes sense for those motorists who drive carefully and not all year round to think about whether it is worth paying for compulsory insurance.

If you buy a fake MTPL insurance policy

There are a number of drivers who, in pursuit of profit, purchase fake car insurance policies. As a result, this category of car owners exposes themselves to great risk, since if a counterfeit is discovered, they can be punished with a very large fine. According to Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, for a fake OSAGO policy, the driver will be issued a fine in the amount of 80,000 rubles.

In addition to the fine, there are other additional penalties, so the driver can be sentenced to compulsory community service for up to 480 hours.

Only the car owner decides whether to issue and renew the MTPL policy. But to make the right decision, everyone should know what fines and penalties will await him if he does not renew his insurance and drives without it. Or, in terms of savings, he will buy an insurance policy that will not be valid. That's all, good luck on the roads!

The amount of the fine for expired MTPL insurance and what to do in the event of an accident?

The Code of Administrative Offenses has recently been updated with enviable regularity, so many motorists simply do not have time to track and comprehend all the changes in time. The latter, dated October 15, 2014 and came into force on November 15, directly relate to our topic related to punishment for driving an uninsured vehicle.

If you are puzzled by the question of what fine you will have to pay for expired insurance now, we hasten to reassure you - the amount of fines has remained the same, and violators will be able to drive without compulsory motor liability insurance more confidently. However, let's start with fines.

Is it possible to expire insurance?

There are also vehicle owners who are in no hurry to renew their insurance, not even because of forgetfulness, but because of the belief that after the expiration of the compulsory motor liability insurance period, you can use the car with impunity for an additional 30 days without terminating the contract.

Unfortunately, these car enthusiasts have clearly not been following the most important news in the field of auto insurance for a long time - this norm was abolished back in 2009. Now, immediately after the expiration of the MTPL policy, you will be fined by any inspector who stopped the vehicle to check documents. Therefore, discussions about how long it is possible to overstay your insurance are completely irrelevant today - you cannot overstay your compulsory motor liability insurance by a single day.

There are different fines for driving without insurance

True, driving with expired insurance in 2019 will not cost that much - only 800 rubles. Agree, this amount cannot even be compared with the cost of compensation for losses in the event of an accident. However, situations may be different:

  1. You forgot your MTPL policy , but it is not expired. The fine will be minimal - 500 rubles , however, the inspector will still need to prove that you have one.
  2. You are driving the car of a relative or friend who has a policy, but you are not included in it . In this case, even if you follow the traffic rules, you will also face a 500-ruble fine .
  3. Expired MTPL insurance. Fine - 800 rubles .

You've been in an accident and your insurance has expired

Of course, the most unpleasant thing is if you get into an accident without having time to renew your compulsory motor liability insurance in time. Regardless of whether you are guilty or not, you are guaranteed to be fined 800 rubles. The following are possible options.

If you are the culprit of an accident, then you will definitely have to compensate the injured party for the damage. The fact that you did not have an MTPL policy will be recorded in the accident certificate. To assess the damage caused, the victim will conduct an independent examination, to which, by the way, he will be obliged to invite you by sending a telegram. The fact of sending will be recorded, which threatens you with the impossibility of challenging this assessment in court.

In a word, all circumstances encourage you to resolve the issue pre-trial. You, of course, know how much of a fine you will have to pay for expired insurance. And require a receipt from the victim that the required amount has been received and there are no claims for further compensation for damage, even if hidden damage is discovered.

If it was not your fault that you had an accident with expired insurance, then the damage will be compensated for you, although you still won’t get rid of a fine.

Life has become easier for violators

When talking about the punishment facing violators of the MTPL law, we never once mentioned such a measure as the removal of license plates, which actually means a ban on the operation of the vehicle. We did this not by chance - as of November 15, 2014, article number 27.13 is excluded from the Code of Administrative Offences.

And this is precisely the article, which implies the prohibition of operating a car as one of the penalties. Let us remind you that until November 15, 2014, a traffic police officer had the right to remove license plates from a vehicle for expired MTPL insurance or for driving a vehicle that does not belong to you without being included in the insurance policy. This measure was applied until the violation was eliminated.

But since the owner of a vehicle today has the right to make an unlimited number of duplicates of his own license plates, the measure described above was considered ineffective. What fines for expired insurance we will see in the future is a mystery, but for now the latter remain unchanged.

And indeed, with a fine of only 800 rubles, some car owners may find it profitable to drive without compulsory motor liability insurance - after all, the costs are higher, especially considering that often, along with car insurance, we are forced to purchase other services imposed by insurers.

Therefore, if the statistics on these violations continue to grow, then surely another increase in fines is not far off.

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I’ve been driving for 30 years without an accident, I think when driving in the city and to the country with an annual mileage of 5000 km. It’s more profitable to not care about OSAGO!

I think so too

The main thing is not to hit the Maybach. otherwise you will walk for 30 years if you are not a millionaire.

OSAGO will reimburse no more than 160 thousand to the property of the victim, rubles of course. so in the case of Maybach this will not help.

400,000 is in words, in reality it’s 50-80, but for 400,000 you need to sue well and it still won’t be enough for Maybugs!

Hi, I’m Alexey, too, without insurance for more than a year, I’m for lack of it. Komsomolsk on Amur

The insurance Cossacks have all the same arguments

In fact, I think that insurance is voluntary, but it’s imposed on us; it’s time to rebel

Yeah, our ancestors managed without it, so can we.

Of course we can, but the insurers can’t do it without us, they need to line their pockets.

if you cancel insurance, the accident rate will drop by 70 percent

Guys, motorists! It's time to raise the issue of compulsory motor liability insurance not tied to the car. Osago must be tied to a person and a category. The current situation is contrary to reason. We need to start fighting for our rights. I'm ready and have been for a long time.

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I have a fishing UAZ that goes out five times a year. I don’t have time to ride it anymore, I keep it for the soul. He is 35 years old, new condition, Tell me why do I need insurance? I drive where there are only one or two other cars, so we pull each other along.

Where do you live? In what city? I want to join your army. Lara.

I agree 100%. They brazenly force insurance on us and line their pockets. How to get rid of this, and apparently collect signatures for the NO MTPL campaign.

I thought so too until today

Not all of Article 27.13 has been cancelled, but only part 2. Please correct it.

Insurance for 2014 cost me 1,772 rubles. For 2015 I was offered 6000 for the same car. It would be cheaper to give 800

800 rubles cheaper? What if it’s 800 rubles every day?

Do you get stopped every day?

I paid 300 once in two years

exactly, but what if it’s 800 every day? or once a week to the dacha past the checkpoint?

Then OSAGO is cheaper :)

It’s not easier, but it’s more correct to pay it once, it’s calmer for yourself and your wife if you have a wife), that’s two, it’s cheaper to pay that’s three, it’s four to save your nerves, otherwise you drive and think every day whether they’ll stop you or not, I emphasize every day, is it worth it?

I don’t know who gets stopped every day right now. I was stopped a total of 2 times in a year. and they didn’t even stutter for insurance. I’ll think about the offer not to do it for now. In 2014, 2600 paid this year 8300 they want. They’re swollen.

Recently I saw an error in the MTPL insurance, everything was registered in my name. And whoever can drive my car wrote the last name that was before my marriage. I came with a complaint about re-registration, and they asked me to pay another 12,000. supposedly there were accidents and the rate was higher. Although the car is old 2008 and has 51 hp. Do I have the right to terminate the agreement and take the money? I already paid 8000 rubles. The amount is not small. And last year I paid 4000 rubles. What should I do.

Svetlana, good afternoon!

If you want to add another driver to the MTPL, the calculation is made using the EAISTO database.

Accordingly, if the new driver has less experience and age than you or was the culprit in an accident, then the MTPL tariff will be higher.

Svyatoslav, don’t be stupid, the fact that they are asking 12,000 for insurance correction already gives reason to think that this is a scam. Complain about them, my advice is to Sberbank.

It’s like at school, they will call you or they won’t call you if there is an opportunity to pay better and drive in peace.

I am truly convinced that in a free country, insurance should be voluntary, but technical inspection should be mandatory, now the interests of only those who profit from insurance are protected, and common people don’t care

Think about your answer, then the car service will get rich.

I'm 22, 4 years of experience. No accidents.

They ask for 11,400 for insurance. A beginner, without restrictions, pays 12,100.

In a year, inspectors stop me 3 times.

Conclusion. I had your insurance!

Oleg, if there’s an accident, you’ll get screwed

And if there is an accident, you will fly off the road and end up in the next world! Why are you going to crash like that?

But insurers make money from this! It’s much easier for me to come to an agreement with someone whose paint I’ll scratch, since you’re only talking about accidents___ WHAT TO DEAL WITH THESE asshole insurers! NO___OSAGO__NO.

12 years of driving experience, no accidents. I've been driving without insurance for two years. I drive 3000-4000 thousand km a month. I didn't care about insurance.

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Driver's liability for driving with expired insurance

The MTPL policy is one of the mandatory documents that you must have with you when you are driving. If this policy is not available, then the driver will be punished. It is used even if, in principle, the document was drawn up, but it was simply left at home.

How long can you drive without insurance?

The name OSAGO received compulsory insurance of civil liability to third parties. The law obliges vehicle owners to purchase this policy.

It is better to use public transport to get to the place where you can register and receive a new document if the old one has expired. Not only the driver himself can take out a policy, but also the one who drives the car thanks to a power of attorney.

The insurance policy confirms the presence of a registration certificate card, so there is no need for it.

Expired insurance - applicable penalties

Any document of this kind is valid for 12 months. The document can indicate the period of time during which the vehicle is used.

This is convenient for those who, for example, use only public transport in winter.

  • 800 rubles is the minimum fine for drivers driving with an expired document.
  • 500 rubles are paid by those who drive the car for a period not specified in the insurance.

What punishment awaits a driver for driving with expired insurance? Watch the video:

Fines in the absence of a document

  • A fine of 800 rubles is imposed on those who generally drive a car without compulsory motor insurance. In this case, two persons will pay the fine if the driver and the owner are different individuals.
    This feature is separately described by the Administrative Code.
    Inspectors can remove license plates from a car if the driver does not fulfill his insurance obligations. Then the culprits will have only 24 hours to pay the fine. Otherwise, the ban on using the vehicle will be extended.
  • The insurance, which the driver, due to his forgetfulness, left at home, will cost 500 rubles. But in some cases, inspectors limit themselves to warnings.
  • 500 rubles is a fine for having a driver behind the wheel who is not included in the insurance at all. Details can be found here.

But there are several controversial points in this direction.

For example, you have insurance, but the driver forgot it at home. However, the traffic police officer does not believe this. And he issues a fine as if the document was not available at all. But such issues can also be resolved.

You need to take the receipt and not object specifically at the moment the violation is discovered. After this, you can take the evidence to the traffic police department to challenge the decision.

The DVR recording along with valid insurance are the most important materials in this case.

In the event of a lack of insurance and an accident, the situation can develop in two scenarios:

  • The culprit of the accident is the one who does not have insurance with him. He is required to pay not only a mandatory fine, but also to compensate for all damage caused to the other participants.
  • There is a need to pay an administrative fine. The absence of compulsory motor liability insurance will not affect the receipt of insurance payments. And it cannot become a reason for refusal to take further action.

Table of fines for driving without insurance. Photo:

Is it even possible to travel without a policy, in what situations?

The only time when the absence of insurance is acceptable is immediately after the car has been purchased. But there is no basis in the law on which the right to own a vehicle appears.

How to apply for STS for a car? Read here.

Various events can trigger the acquisition:

  1. Entry into the right of inheritance.
  2. Obtaining rights for economic management, operational management, and so on.
  3. Drawing up a purchase and sale agreement.
  4. Drawing up a gift agreement.

There are types of vehicles that do not require mandatory insurance:

  • If the maximum speed reaches 20 kilometers, but does not exceed this figure.
  • The law of the Russian Federation on admission to participation in road traffic does not apply to cars due to any technical characteristics.
  • Registration and insurance were issued on the territory of foreign countries.
  • Transport belongs to members of official military formations in the service of the state.

Insurance policy: the most famous myths

  1. After the expiration date, you have only 30 days to apply for a new one.

This information is outdated. This grace period was valid only until 2008. Currently there are no such rules.

Is it possible to drive without insurance? In which cases? How many days? Answers in this video:

  1. You don't have to take out insurance if you have a power of attorney.

The owner must have a policy, which simply includes another person who has the right to manage it. And the policy itself is mandatory for everyone.

  1. The document is also issued for the trailer.

Since 2007, a trailer does not require registration if its load capacity does not reach 3,500 tons. But legal entities must have insurance in any case.

  1. A fine of 500 rubles is imposed if there is a typo in the policy.

The law does not provide for any punitive measures just for typos.

  1. Driving without insurance results in the car being taken to a parking lot. And you have to pay extra for her services.

  1. A motorcycle does not require an MTPL policy.

Motorcyclists insure their liability in the same way as owners of other vehicles.

The amount of fines for lack of compulsory motor liability insurance. Photo:

Extension of MTPL policy

The basis for renewing the current policy is an application written by the driver. But you will also need to present additional documents, including:

  1. PTS along with a vehicle registration certificate.
  2. Certificate confirming the technical inspection.
  3. A driver's license from everyone who is planned to be allowed to drive.
  4. Passport.
  5. The policy that was in effect before.

In fact, this package of documents can be easily submitted to any insurance company. It is better to clarify in advance which papers will be needed for this.

Purchasing an MTPL policy online - step-by-step instructions here.

It doesn’t matter why the policy is not in the car. This action always remains punishable. The fines are not large yet, but almost every year decisions are made in favor of increasing them.

Increased fines are more likely when violation detection statistics increase. It is better to pay for the document once than to constantly pay fines later.

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