Check traffic fines by driver's license number

Check traffic police fines on your driver's license

If you want to receive information on the fines you have, you can use one of the following online services:

How to get information about traffic police fines using the online service?

There are three main ways in which you can check and find out about traffic police fines for free.

1. With a driver's license.

The fastest way to search. Particularly suitable for those drivers who have several cars (for example, personal and business).

2. By series and number of the vehicle registration certificate.

This method is suitable for checking fines from photo and video cameras for traffic violations. If the car is driven by several people (for example, members of the same family, rental service employees working in shifts, etc.), then it is also better to look for information about penalties by the certificate number. It will be faster and easier this way.

3. By resolution number

Applies if a decision has been received to impose an administrative fine. These are ordinary “chain letters” from the traffic police, which indicate a violation of crossing a double solid line, exceeding the established speed limit, etc.

Due to the active activity of scammers sending false notifications of traffic violations indicating their payment details, it is recommended to check the fine in the State Traffic Inspectorate database. In this case, the driver will protect himself from paying “false fines”, which have recently been increasingly sent by criminals in the hope that citizens will not pay attention.

For reliability, we strongly recommend checking traffic police fines on your driver’s license and STS. If there is a fine, it will definitely be identified either by the driver’s license number or by the series and number of the vehicle registration certificate. If you just check using the VU, then the fine from photo and video cameras may not be detected.

Checking administrative penalties on a vehicle driver's license

A convenient opportunity to find your fines when driving several vehicles.

  1. Select the “By Driver” tab.
  2. Carefully enter the series and number of the driver's license. Input is allowed on both Russian and English keyboard layouts. Consists of 10 characters. It comes in digital/letter or numeric format. For example: 9876543210 or 12BB567890.
  3. To get the final results, click on the “Find!” button. We are waiting for the search engine to finish working. Depending on the load of the online service (number of applicants), the results will be displayed within a couple of seconds or 1-2 minutes.

Checking the fine against the vehicle registration certificate

  1. Click on the tab called “By car”.
  2. Enter the series and certificate number.
    Presented as consecutive 10 characters. Consist only of numbers (without hyphens and periods) or an alphanumeric combination, for example: “9876543210” or “98AA765432”. We double-check the entered data. Click on the word “Find!”.

Checking fines by resolution number

  1. Select the tab called “By order”.
  2. A window will open to enter the series and resolution number. Consists of a large number of characters (usually 20-25 digits). For example: 1715241312131009876543210. To avoid mistakes, we carefully double-check.
  3. Click on the word “Find!”. We are waiting for the result.

Regardless of the search method, the detected penalties will be presented in a table. It will contain detailed information about the amount of the fine, the number of the traffic police resolution, and the date of the offense.

Using the “Find out debts” tab, you can check the debt in the bailiff database.

How to pay a found fine. Step by step guide

  1. The online service will present all unpaid fines in the form of a convenient table.
  2. We put checkboxes next to those monetary penalties that we are going to pay.
  3. Enter personal data (driver’s full name, email address).
  4. We double-check the information you have entered. We confirm the correctness of the input. Check the box. Click on the word “Pay!”

About payment methods

  1. Using electronic payment systems (QIWI, Yandex.Money, etc.).
  2. Through online services (Sberbank Online, etc.).
  3. By sending SMS messages.
  4. Through two main types of bank cards – MasterCard and Visa.

The fastest and most convenient payment schemes are using electronic payment systems and online banking services.

Payment of car fines through the multifunctional service Sberbank Online

  1. Select the section called “Banking Systems”. Click on the picture of the online service from Sberbank. We go through a quick authorization procedure.
  2. Enter the required data into the empty fields. The specific information you need to enter depends on the payment plan you choose. Click on the “Pay” button.

Important information about traffic police fines

The maximum amount of monetary payments for traffic violations is 50 thousand rubles. The payment period is 60 days. It is considered from the moment the decision entered into legal force. The offender (driver, owner of the vehicle) is given a 10-day period to appeal this decision.

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If we are talking about a “chain letter” (sent when a violation is videoed and photographed), then the payment period begins to count from the moment the violator receives it in person.

About the possibility of receiving installments

The maximum installment period that is provided to the violator to pay the traffic police fine is 3 months. It can be obtained by citing a difficult financial situation.

About the consequences of non-payment

At the end of the 60-day period, the traffic police officer waits an additional 10 days. This time is allocated for processing last-minute payments. If the fine has not been paid, the case is transferred to the Bailiff Service (Bailiff Service). A case is also initiated under Part 1 of Article 20.25 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation and sent for consideration to the court.

Failure to pay a fine will result in one of three penalties:

  1. Additional administrative fine of 2 times the amount. If you receive a monetary penalty in the amount of 2,000 rubles and fail to pay on time, the driver will be required to pay an additional 4 thousand rubles. The minimum amount of such a fine is 1000 rubles.
  2. Administrative arrest (up to 15 days). Recently, persistent non-payers of fines are increasingly being sent to temporary detention centers.
  3. Mandatory work (no more than 50 hours). The law obliges the defaulter to work an additional 2 hours during working hours and 4 hours on weekends. The total number of working hours per week should not exceed 12 hours. Mandatory work is performed after the main working day, full-time study, etc.

Bailiffs can also impose a ban on traveling abroad if the total amount of fines is from 10 thousand rubles, and seize property.

About the “burning out” of fines

The fine “expires” after 2 years after receiving the “chain letter” and the absence of any additional actions on the part of the SSP. Monetary punishment does not disappear anywhere if the defaulter hid from the bailiffs for the specified time. Another year after the fine expires, the violator will be marked in the database as an “involved person.”

Check traffic police fines on your driver's license

A decision on traffic violations is issued by traffic police officers on the spot or automatically if the offense is recorded by a surveillance camera. The amount of the issued penalty can be found online using the VU.

How to check the presence of traffic police fines in the database by driver's license number?

According to Art. 20.25 Part 1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, late payment for violating traffic rules can lead to the following consequences:

late payment can lead to a doubling of the debt, but not less than 1000 rubles, even if the debt was minimal;

arrest of the vehicle for up to fifteen days;

compulsory work for up to fifteen hours.

It is very important to comply with the deadlines for repaying debts for offenses, so as not to receive additional sanctions and ultimately lose your license.

If the order is issued by a traffic police officer, the offender will learn about the amount immediately on the spot. When traffic violations are recorded by a surveillance camera, a notification is sent to the place of registration. The driver may not receive a resolution, so he must independently monitor the existence of the debt.

Online check of traffic police fines on a driver’s license in 2019

As always, you can check fines using our service. The information is taken from the traffic police database; it is possible to immediately pay the fine with us or through any other government service. Keep in mind that checking only by driver's license is not available on the traffic police website or State Services.

Official website of the traffic police

The most popular way to check debt on traffic police fines using a driver’s license is the official website of the State Traffic Inspectorate. To use it, you must visit the traffic police website. Then open the “Services” tab, select the verification section. Next, fill out the online form with the necessary data. It should be taken into account that it is impossible to check only by the VU number; you will also need to enter the vehicle’s STS data. After submitting your request, you can view the list of unpaid orders.

The second method is less fast due to complex registration, but very accurate. To find out online the fine for a driver by license number, you need to go to the State Services website. You need to pre-register on the portal - this is the longest stage. After registration, the user visits the Personal Account and can view traffic police fines by VU.

The Gosuslugi portal allows drivers to be fined based on their driver's license and state registration data for the vehicle. The search process does not take more than a minute. Here, as well as on the official website of the traffic police, in addition to the license number, you will also have to enter STS data.

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Here you will learn how to pay traffic fines using your driver's license number.

Question answer

If you need to check ONLY by VU number, use our free service.

As in the answer above, we have our own service for checking fines only by driving license. The traffic police website and State Services are checked in combination with VU + STS. Please note that you will not receive fines from automatic recording cameras using your VU number. Fines for such violations are sent to the STS number. Read more here.

Check traffic police fines

Free online service for checking traffic police fines and payment.
We will notify you of new fines as soon as possible so that you have time to pay them with a 50% discount

Check traffic police fines on your driver's license

Our service allows you to find out fines on your driver’s license and pay them immediately.

It must be borne in mind that checking only on a driver’s license will only find those fines that were issued by the traffic police directly to the driver, and fines imposed by video recording will not be found.

Traffic police fines based on vehicle registration number

When checking fines for 2015, 2016, 2017 only by car number (state registration number), you will find all fines issued by automatic means of video recording of traffic flow, and fines issued to car drivers will not be applied in full.

When searching for fines, we recommend that you fill out all fields of the form, this will allow you to find all the fines issued to you.

Photos and videos of fines

Along with the fine, you will receive access to photographs taken by means of automatic recording of violations. Unfortunately, sometimes there are cases where photographs are missing in the fines database. In this case, you need to contact the traffic police department that issued the fine, the name of the department is indicated in the detailed information on the page your unpaid traffic police fines.

A video of the violation does not exist in principle; instead of a video, there will be a series of photographs.

Traffic police fines - payment guarantee

After payment, in case of an error in the traffic police database, we will refund you the full amount of the fine and the amount of the commission.

The guarantee only applies if payment is made through our service.

Pay the traffic police fine online

Payment occurs online in real time.

  • payment takes less than 5 minutes
  • 50% discount is yours to keep
  • you will receive notifications about new fines

Methods of paying fines

  • Bank cards: VISA, MasterCard, MIR
  • Electronic money: Yandex Money, Qiwi,
  • Banking systems: Sberbank online, Alfa-Click, Promsvyazbank,, Russian Standard

Based on the payment result, you will receive a payment receipt

All payments are made by the Non-Bank Credit Organization "" (limited liability company) - NPO "MONETA.RU" (LLC) is registered under Federal Law No. 161-FZ "On the National Payment System".

NPO "MONETA.RU" (LLC) operates on the basis of the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for banking operations No. 3508-K dated July 2, 2012.

Payment of traffic fines with a 50% discount

In accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated December 22, 2014 N 437-FZ, amendments were made to the Code of Administrative Offenses, which allow, from January 1, 2016, to pay a fine for violating the Traffic Rules in the amount of half the amount of the fine imposed.

Part 1.3 has been added to Article 32.2 with the following text:

1.3. When an administrative fine is paid by a person held administratively liable for committing an administrative offense provided for in Chapter 12 of this Code, with the exception of administrative offenses provided for in Part 1.1 of Article 12.1, Article 12.8, Parts 6 and 7 of Article 12.9, Part 3 of Article 12.12, Part 5 of the Article 12.15, part 3.1 of article 12.16, articles 12.24, 12.26, part 3 of article 12.27 of this Code, no later than twenty days from the date of the decision to impose an administrative fine, an administrative fine may be paid in the amount of half the amount of the imposed administrative fine. If the execution of the decision to impose an administrative fine was delayed or spread out by the judge, body, or official who issued the decision, the administrative fine is paid in full.

Fines that are not covered by the discount

  • The car is not registered (if a repeated violation) fine - 5000 rubles
  • 12.8 Driving while intoxicated, transferring control to a drunk driver fine - 30,000 rubles
  • 12.9.6, 12.9.7 Speeding by more than 40 km/h (for repeated violation) fine - 2000-5000 rubles
  • 12.12.3 Driving through a prohibiting signal (if repeated violation) fine - 5,000 rubles
  • 12.15.5 Meeting (for repeated violation) fine - 5000 rubles
  • 12.24 Causing harm to health fine - 2500-25000 rubles
  • 12.26 Refusal to test for alcohol fine - 30,000 rubles
  • 12.27.3 Drinking alcohol after an accident fine - 30,000 rubles
  • Violation of parking rules and failure to pay for parking in Moscow fine - 5,000 rubles
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If you owe more than 10,000 rubles in fines, you may be prohibited from traveling abroad or may be subject to an additional fine!

We guarantee a full refund in case of an error when paying through our service!

Check traffic fines by driver's license number

We suggest using our resource to find out and receive complete information on violations, which will save you from various troubles or legal proceedings. Our online service will help you quickly check fines by car number, state regulation or driver’s license and make payment through the website.

In 2019, this service helped many who wanted to learn about existing violations and pay them off in a convenient way. To check traffic police fines online and pay them, just enter the state number of the car, driver’s license or other data. The entire verification process will take no more than one minute.

Every day our resource is visited by many people in order to find out fines by order number or vehicle registration certificate. The information on the site is regularly updated and is accurate. We recommend that you check the debt online in advance against your vehicle’s license and state plate, since late payment of traffic police fines 2019 may result in the imposition of additional penalties of double size. Regularly checking your data and paying off your car debt will help you avoid mandatory work or administrative arrest.

We offer you a comfortable and modern approach to solving unpleasant situations with the traffic police - the ability to check fines by vehicle registration number, decree or driver’s license and pay them online at any time convenient for you. On our website, any motorist will be able to pay off the fine with a 50% discount within 20 days after receiving a receipt or protocol, in accordance with Article 32.2, Part 1.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

Checking traffic police fines - official website

On this page you can enter your details and check if you have been fined. The search is carried out using a driver's license or vehicle registration certificate.

The search for fines is done online on the official website of the traffic police. If there is a fine, you can pay it directly through the website using a bank card.

To search for a fine, you need to enter one of the values ​​in the form below

  • driver's license number
  • STS number.
  • by resolution number
  • by vehicle registration number

It is better to search using both documents, since a fine can be registered on any of them.

To avoid problems with the traffic police, be sure to check whether you have a fine.

The fact is that cameras automatically record violations, and information about this is recorded in the necessary authorities according to the state number of the car or other data, and you are on the list of debtors until you pay the fine. You will learn about this through a notification by mail. However, it happens that information does not reach you for various reasons. For example, it gets lost along the way and comes to the address where you no longer live, but where you registered.

It also happens that an inspector personally stops you for a violation, draws up a report, and you simply forget about it. It’s even worse if you paid the fine, but due to the bank’s fault, the information was not sent to the proper authorities, and you are still on the list of debtors. Or maybe you just decided not to pay because you think it’s unnecessary?

In any case, you should know that fines not paid on time can lead to serious problems. For example, it could be like this:

  • you will not be able to travel abroad;
  • you will receive a penalty for non-payment, especially if a second fine appears and it turns out that the first has not yet been paid. You will receive a double fine, and maybe imprisonment for 15 days or compulsory work.
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